inner fire

I’m aware that we are not able to change the whole world
but we can absolutely improve our little slice of spacetime.



I search and articulate relevant stories
that inspire us to grow as individuals and society.


I work for making life easier and better
in ways that challenge every skill and knowledge.

what i do

I had the honor to learn from great people in Mexico, Italy and Austria, where i studied and worked. This experience allowed me to start or join these projects with awesome partners.

Nett / Digital agency

We help brands to discover and enrich their own story in order to connect with their audiences. We achieve this through innovation, branding and digital strategies.


Confederation of Independent Football Associations, is a global NGO that supports representatives  teams from nations, regions, minorities and isolated territories.

Design Thinking Institute

Igniting innovation through our work in the intersection of business and design. Where knowledge meets anticipation and empathy joins economy.

linaje aguila

Linaje Águila

Soccer can connect people and infuse them daily inspiration for their lives. That's why we started this community with other fans that share the same passion.

Hoy supe

A digital space to share stories and historical information that are relevant to our lives.

Vertice 24

Along a group of friends we started this NGO to help vulnerable children in the northeast region of Mexico.

Como comí

Food started like a need then became a passion. I joined this digital medium for foodies.


What's next?

Still figuring it out. So if you have any idea of collaboration, please let me know =)